Showy Orchis and Yellow Lady's Slipper Found in Lost Cove

Jonathan Evans and Callie Oldfield discovered a healthy population of Showy Orchis (Galearis spectabilis) while hiking through Lost Cove. This orchid was thought to be extirpated from Sewanee, and had not been seen on the Domain since the 1960s. While on their trip, they also spotted the Yellow Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum) flowering for the first time. Previously, the voucher specimen for this species had been identified by basal leaves alone.

Rare Plants of Sewanee Poster

The Plant Ecology & Conservation Lab with the Sewanee Herbarium have created a new educational poster on the Rare Plants of Sewanee. This poster presents high resolution photos of many of the Domain's rare and commercially exploited plants. Interested parties can donate $15 or more to the Sewanee Herbarium and request to receive a poster, and posters will be given to local Sewanee schools to encourage conservation. #presentation #rareplants

Callie Oldfield Selects UGA for Grad School

Callie Oldfield, post-baccalaureate fellow for the Sewanee Herbarium, will be attending graduate school at the University of Georgia. She will be pursuing her PhD in the Department of Plant Biology this fall in Dr. Chris Peterson's lab. She was awarded a Graduate Scho ol Research Assistantship (GSRA, also known as a University-wide), renewable for 2 years, which will support her research. Read more about Callie's grad school search and the factors that led her to choose UGA here. #gradschool #callieoldfield #UGA

Hog and Nutsedge Manuscript Published!

Callie Oldfield and Jonathan Evans have published their research on an interaction between wild hogs (Sus scrofa) and yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) which promotes the maintenance of the nutsedge population. This study took place over 12 years on St. Catherine's Island, and found that wild hogs foraging behavior removed the native plant cover and provided the disturbance necessary for yellow nutsedge populations to rebound clonally. They speculate on whether this is an example of low-level farming in hogs. This work was published in Ecology & Evolution. To read the full article, click here! #ecologyevolution #science #ecology #research

Callie Oldfield Presents at ASB conference

Callie Oldfield represented the University of the South at the Association of Southeastern Biologists conference April 2016. She traveled to Concord, North Carolina to present two posters describing recent work in the lab. The first poster detailed the Vascular Flora of the University of the South, Sewanee TN, which was recently submitted for publication. The second poster was an examination of the patterns and drivers of deer browse on the Cumberland Plateau, which was also recently submitted for publication. You can read Callie's blog post about her experience here! #presentation #callieoldfield #asb #associationofsoutheasternbiologists

Faculty Research Grant Received for Cane Genetics Project

Dr. Jonathan Evans received a faculty research grant for his proposal to study hillcane population genetics. Hillcane (Arundinaria appalachiana) is a newly discovered species in the bamboo family, which spreads clonally through the landscape. There has been no previous work to determine clonal diversity within and among watersheds, but understanding population genetics is integral to understanding how hillcane spreads and persists over time. This will be a collaborative project among Sewanee Biology faculty, Dr. Jon Evans and Dr. Elise Kikis, and a faculty at MTSU, Dr. Ashley Morris. Sewanee Herbarium post-baccalaureate fellow Callie Oldfield will begin working with Dr. Ashley Morris in May

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