Flora of Domain Accepted in Castanea

After years of plant surveys and database management, we are finally publishing "The Vascular Flora of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee"! Our manuscript, which lists 1,118 species and lesser taxa and describes the range of habitats that can be found on the Domain. The manuscript is currently in press at Castanea, so look out for it in upcoming issues!

Resampling the King Farm

The King Farm is a site on the Domain off Brakefield Road with a rich agricultural history. It was occupied by Native Americans and is thought to have been the site of a hotel on a stagecoach route. In the early 1900s, the land was farmed for crops and hogs by a freed slave, Rufus Moseley. The farm was taken over by the King family in the 1930s and abandoned by 1950. The land was then planted with loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) plantations by Charles Cheston and has not been disturbed in the intervening years. As a result of agricultural activities, including tree clearing, tree planting, and soil liming, the woody plant composition of the King Farm is very different from the surrounding forest

Kale Cookout!

Our botanical themed lunch this week centered around all things kale, harvested fresh from the Evans garden.

Sinking Pond Revisited

In the late 1990s, Dr. Jon Evans and Sarah McCarthy Neumann (C'99) surveyed the trees of Sinking Pond, a karst depression that fills with water for a large part of the year (November through July). This wetland is punctuated with overstory overcup oak (Quercus lyrata), but the population is experiencing regeneration failure. They concluded that rainfall patterns must have changed in the last 60 years, making it impossible for overcup oak seedlings to grow tall enough to survive. This research exists as a Water Resource-Investigations Report, and the population dynamics work was published in the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society. In June. Dr. Jon Evans and Callie Oldfield (C'15) revisit

Sewanee Herbarium

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