Chestnut Oak Population Model Presented at UGA Seminar

Callie Oldfield presented a poster at a plant science seminar at the University of Georgia this month based on data from the lab's long-term chestnut oak demography study on the Domain. Callie and her sister Sarah (Sewanee C'18) developed a matrix model that uses size class transition probabilities to predict change in size structure in a chestnut oak stand over a 100 year period. The model is parameterized by 15 years of field data in which all chestnut oak individuals in a 1 hectare plot that were greater than 0.5 m in height were tracked for survivorship and change in size.

Katie Kull Receives Yeatman Award

Katie Kull has received the Yeatman prize, the Biology Department's award for 'leadership and inspiration in the study of Biology." Katie has worked in our lab as an intern on research projects these past two summers. She was an undergraduate leader within the team of students that re-inventoried the long-term plots in Franklin State Forest in 2015. Katie followed this up this work during the 2015-16 academic year with an independent research project where she examined herbaceous distribution patterns within the long-term plots. This past summer (2016) she was a research intern on the hillcane population genetics project and the Cross Creek long-term forest dynamics project. She recently

Reid '06 Leads MOBOT Restoration Ecology Symposium

Lab alum, Leighton Reid '06 organized the 63rd Annual Fall Symposium at the Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT) entitled: "Ecological Restoration in a Changing Biosphere" (Oct. 7-8, 2016). The symposium presented contemporary perspectives on the science, technology, and human dimensions of the rapidly expanding field of ecological restoration. In the post-COP21 world, when all three UN Conventions call for scaling up and mainstreaming of ecological restoration, it is clear that restoration programs will affect hundreds of millions of hectares – and as many people – over the coming decades. At the same time, we find ourselves in an era of unprecedented change where climate, ecological base

Sewanee Herbarium

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