Evans Awarded Climate Change Research Grant from the U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Evans was awarded a one year $31,000 one year grant from the U.S. Department of Interior to study the effect of climate change on wetland forest regeneration at the Arnold Air Force Base (AEDC). This research follows up on previous grant funded research conducted in 2000 at the Sinking Pond Natural Area, where Evans and colleagues found that increased rainfall over the last 50 years has led to longer ponding durations within the wetland causing the failure of the unique overcup oak population to recruit new trees into the forest. Evans will be conducting this work in collaboration with Dr. Bill Wolfe and Dr. Jennifer Cartwright at the USGS and with Dr. Sarah McCarthy Neumann at Alma C

Nathan Bourne Visits Herbarium

Great visit with Nathan Bourne C'11 who was in Sewanee to officiate a wedding. Nathan is a Curate at St. John's Episcopal Church in New Hampshire and works with youth groups. As part of his position there he is exploring ways to include the stewardship of the earth into the mission of the church. Nathan worked with me when I was Asst. Provost to write the University Sustainability Master Plan in 2013. As a Herbarium Fellow, he helped inventory our long-term vegetation plots on the Domain.

Evans Receives Conservation Educator of the Year Award

Dr. Evans received the Conservation Educator of the Year award from the TN Wildlife Federation. At a banquet in Nashville on May 10, Evans was recognized for the different capacities he has promoted environmental education at Sewanee and for his long-standing work in promoting forest conservation on the Cumberland Plateau. Featured here on Sewanee website. As Assistant Provost for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at the University of the South (2011-2016), Dr. Jon Evans was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy for integrating sustainability across the curriculum and making sustainability a vital part of University operations and decision-making

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