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Sewanee Herbarium  --  Mission

We provide student research opportunities in field botany and plant conservation through faculty and peer mentored programs:


We support field botany in courses at Sewanee such as:

BIOL 310 - Plant Evolution and Systematics

BIOL 206 - Plant Ecology

BIOL 210 - Ecology

BIOL 222 - Advanced Conservation Biology

BIOL 220 - Reading the Landscape

BIOL 238 - Coastal Ecology


We maintain a collection of plants for the Domain and the southern Cumberland Plateau region with an associated database and digital archive.​​  We have cataloged over 1120 species of vascular on Sewanee's 13,000 acre campus as part the Domain Flora Project


We conduct research and generate publications relating to the flora, plant communities, ecological processes and plant conservation concerns of the southern Cumberland Plateau region.​

We work to increase plant awareness within the student body and Sewanee community by providing public outreach programs related to field botany for Sewanee and surrounding communities.​   

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We advocate for and engage in the conservation of plant biodiversity in our region.

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