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Research Projects

Long-term Forest Dynamics

We use permanent plots to study spatial and temporal changes in species composition as a response to disturbance in forest communities.

Plateau Forest Conservation

We examine the ecological consequences of land-use change on the Cumberland Plateau and communicate what we learn to provide a scientific basis for conservation planning and policy.

Tree Demography

We investigate the causal factors associated with regeneration failure in tree populations and the role of sprouting as a mechanism for population persistence. 

Invasive Species

We study how invasive pathogens effect the dynamics of native tree populations and how invasive species can form novel mutualisms in new environments.

shakerag_apr9_06 071.JPG

Sewanee Flora

We have compiled a complete flora and plant community assessment for the 13,000 acre campus (Domain) of the University of the South.

Clonal Plants

We examine the spatial genetic structure of clonal plant populations and evaluate the adaptive advantages associated with clonal growth.

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