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Jon Evans receives blended learning grant from the ACS

The ACS Blended Learning Program has funded five proposals, each for $10,000, that were submitted from collaborating ACS institutions to advance phase one of a broad initiative to promote “Sustainability in the South and Beyond”. This initiative was borne out of discussions among ACS faculty, sustainability directors and chief institutional officers during a July 2013 ACS Sustainability and Blended Learning meeting in Sewanee. Although the particulars of “Sustainability in the South and Beyond” are yet to be determined, it is envisioned that students would be required to complete four phases of an ACS-faculty-designed sustainability education package. One of the unique qualities of this ACS designation is that the final phase would take place on an ACS campus or in the field, with one or more ACS faculty members, in the time-honored, face-to-face manner for which our liberal arts institutions are celebrated.

This grant funded the creation of the Palm Sunday Connection teaching website.

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