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Callie Oldfield Receives Yeatman Award

The 2014-2015 Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology was awarded to Biology majors Callie Oldfield and Angelica De Freitas at the annual Biology Department Junior-Senior Event in Harris Commons of Spencer Hall. Students who receive the Yeatman Award are Senior Biology or Ecology & Biodiversity Majors chosen for their scholastic achievement, leadership qualities and an appreciation for biology as a discipline which are characteristics exemplary of Dr. Yeatman’s life and career.

Callie Oldfield, Research Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Evans Callie has worked on several research projects with Dr. Jonathan Evans. One such project has yielded a publication from research conducted in Dr. Evans’ Field Studies in Belize course titled “Coral preference of the polychaete, Spirobranchus giganteus, in the Belizean Barrier Reef” in Papers and Publications: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research. Callie's presentation of this research won first prize in zoology at the 2014 TN Academy of Sciences Collegiate Competition. She also presented this research at Scholarship Sewanee 2014. Additionally, Callie is first author on a manuscript to be submitted to Ecology and Evolution titled ‘Invasive species perpetuation resulting from a “farming” mutualism within a barrier island ecosystem.’ She has conducted independent research with Professor Evans over the last two years working on the dynamics of chestnut oak populations. Callie has also received Yeatman funding and Herbarium funding as a summer intern in 2013 and 2014. As a leader, Callie designed and led all-day SEI module for high school students on her chestnut oak research in the summer of 2014. She also created the iNaturalist site for Evans’ Belize Program where she entered information and photos of more than 400 species.

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