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Meg Armistead Receives Yeatman Award

The 2013 Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology was awarded to Biology major April Shi and Ecology & Biodiversity majors Meg Armistead and Linnea Carver at the annual Biology Department's Junior-Senior Event Sunday, September 22nd in the Harris Commons of Spencer Hall. The Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology, established to honor Professor Yeatman, is given to the senior major(s) exhibiting leadership and inspiration in the study of biology.

Meg Armistead (Ecology & Biodiversity '14) started her Honors Research as an Ecology & Biodiversity major in the summer of 2012 with her advisor Dr. Jon Evans. Her work has focused on the effect of deer browse as an important process determining the composition and structure of of forests. She developed simple plant community metrics to assess the impact of deer on tree regeneration and used the Global Information System (GIS) to apply these metrics across the landscape allowing her to assess the spatial heterogeneity of deer impacts and inform deer management decision-making. Meg presented this research in early 2013 as a talk at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group - the only female undergraduate at the meeting. She then presented this work as a poster at Scholarship Sewanee 2013 and was honored with a McCrady Prize. Meg was also a 2012 Belize Program participant and is currently an Undergraduate Biodiversity Fellow with the Herbarium and the President of the Sewanee Natural History Society.

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