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Dr. Evans To Lead King Farm Tour in April

Professor Evans will lead a walking tour of the King Farm site on the Domain that will expand on his talk he will give at Sewanee's 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference "A Sense of Space and Place: Global and Local Perspectives." As part of the tour, participants will examine the subtle clues in the landscape (historical artifacts, plant composition, tree architecture, soil features, etc) that provide insight into the many ways this piece of land has been used over the last 200 years. This remote tract of forest on the Domain was once the site of Sewanee's first homestead, the location of a major stagecoach hotel, a large working farm and finally a pine plantation before reverting back to native forest. Meet at the Bishop's Common at 1pm on Sunday and vans will shuttle participants out to the site. Tour will last about 2 hours.

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