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Field Day at Franklin State Forest

Dr. Sarah Neumann and I hosted a field trip to the Cross Creek Experimental Watershed in Franklin State Forest to tour the USDA-funded research we are conducting and share what we have learned so far about the ecology of Plateau upland forests. Afterwards we had lunch at Sewanee and held a roundtable discussion on how science can best inform current and future forest management at Franklin State Forest. Our research at the Cross Creek Experimental Watershed in Franklin State Forest is centered around the importance of plant-soil interactions, specifically the role of mycorrhizae in determining tree composition in this system. The discussion highlighted the important role that soil processes play in maintaining biodiversity in this forest.

Participating Organizations and Representatives:

The University of the South, Department of Biology

Jon Evans, Professor and Co-PI, USDA Forest Research Grant

Rob Phillips, Undergraduate working with Dr. Evans

Nneka Okolo, Undergraduate working with Dr. Evans

JT Michel, Undergraduate working with Dr. Evans

Keegan Congleton, Undergraduate working with Dr. Evans

Tennessee State University, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Sarah Neumann, Assistant Professor and PI, USDA Forest Research Grant

Tennessee Division of Forestry

David Arnold, State Forester

Heather Slayton, Assistant State Forester

Dwayne Turner, District Forester

Daniel Nielsen, State Forest Forester (Franklin and Bledsoe State Forests)

Tennessee Division of Environment and Conservation, South Cumberland State Park

Jason Reynolds, Park Ranger

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Tennessee Ecological Services Field Office

Geoff Call, Supervisory Biologist

Center for Biological Diversity

Perrin de Jong, Southeast Staff Attorney

Southern Environmental Law Center

George Nolan, Director - Tennessee Office

The Sierra Club

David Hoot, Chair - Cherokee Group

Tennessee Heartwood

Davis Mounger,

Sheryl Campbell


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