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Jonathan Ertelt Shows Titan Arum to a 1000 Vistors!

Our newest Herbarium Associate, Jonathan Ehrtelt, did a marathon set of days showing the second blooming of the titan arum (aka corpse flower) to lines of botany fans. Over 1000 people came through the Webb Greenhouse to see the botanical wonder! It first bloomed in July 2020 during the pandemic and nobody was allowed in to see it.

From the time that Jonathan graduated and initially left Sewanee in 1978, he has held various titles from botanist and horticulturist through greenhouse manager, supervisor, and lecturer. Jonathan has spent more than 45 years growing, teaching and sharing plants and plant information while working at several academic institutions as well as botanical gardens and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Now a freelance consultant, he continues to write and speak about plants as well as still growing well over 400 species and hybrids at home, inside and out. And as of this past November, his home is now here in Sewanee, after facilitating the transfer of many of the plants in the Webb Greenhouse from his last job as the greenhouse manager at Vanderbilt University. He and his wife Bonnie had already purchased their house here, and after having renovations completed, made the move this past fall.


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